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We are recruiting all classes and levels, send a tell in game to either myself or any member for an invite, or leave an application on our forums.
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Welcome to Clockwork, We are starting to shift away from being a leveling guild. As more members have been joining and showing that they are dedicated to their class, we've decided to switch focus towards  getting leveled,gearing up and getting ready for end game. Once we have enough members with the gear and levels needed, we will begin forming our Core 1 group. As for the direction of this guild and how it is run and maintained, I have never and will never be the type of GM that expects my members to be upstanding members of society.

I myself swear like a drunk trucker so language is not an issue, this is a game and we're meant to have fun while playing it. That is not to say that the guild vent and chat will be one giant dick and fart joke, but it will be laid back and relaxed. The only thing I expect of my guild members is that you know when to joke around and when to shut up and nut up. When we start raiding you will be expected to provide your own items needed to bring your A game to the raids, However The guild vault will be available for limited use to help raiding go more smoothly when needed.

Once again I welcome you to Clockwork and look forward to experiencing the game's content and raids with all of you, let's all work together to make Clockwork one of the top raiding guilds and most respected guilds on Freeholme. 

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Arcantiss, Aug 6, 11 1:30 PM.
Hey guys some rl shit came up and I'll be gone for a few weeks, keep pushing and I'll be back asap

Cw hit's level 4

Arcantiss, Jul 22, 11 11:42 PM.
The guild hit level 4 earlier last week, great job guys, keep the xp rolling and the guild busting out lvls almost as fast as it's members do.
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